Track how you feel via text message.



Welcome to Feelin'
Feelin' is a text message bot that sends you a daily reminder to pause and track how you're feeling.
Simply reply with a number (1-5) to describe how you feel, and Feelin' will record it.
You can also include some notes with your message, like this '3 Just feeling average today'.
To get started, text 'hi' to 913.586.2364.

Get Started

It's easy. Just text 'hi' to 913.586.2364


Simply naming your feelings is an easy way to improve self awareness, lower stress, and be more present.

Feelin' helps you do that.

Just text Feelin' at any time, and Feelin' will record it for you.

What's the cost?

For now, Feelin' is free to use (though you do have to pay your carrier for SMS charges).

In the future, Feelin' will likely require a small monthly payment to cover hosting and SMS charges.

Tips and Tricks

Quantify how you feel

If you begin your text message with a number (1 to 5, where 1 is bad, 5 is great), Feelin' will record that number and visually graph how you feel over time. For example:
3 Just feeling average today


You can have Feelin' send a daily reminder to check-in. Just text set reminder and Feelin will walk you through the process.